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- Dentures: The facts

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“I have attended Parkview Dental Centre for a number of years and have always received professional service, both from reception and the dentists.
I attended two days, one for the extraction of a broken tooth, and day two, to collect my upper denture with replacement tooth added in record time.”

john rutherford

“Professional, reassuring and clearly taking Covid seriously.”

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- Cost of dentures at Parkview Dental Centre

- What’s included in your treatment cost?

- What are dentures?

If you have missing teeth, we understand the daily struggles that this can cause.

Problems with eating, speaking, and laughing make gaps in your smile more than just an aesthetic concern, it’s about the function of your teeth, too.

At Parkview Dental Centre in Ipswich we know that missing teeth cause a multitude of problems that can lead a lack of self-confidence that can affect your everyday life. That’s why we are pleased to offer denture treatment options to give you back both the function of your teeth and the aesthetics of your smile. Dentures are teeth that can be removed for cleaning and sleeping. They are designed to fit over your gums and because each set of dentures is bespoke made to fit only their owner, they will stay in place naturally. 

Your dentures will be made by the fantastic dental laboratory that we work collaboratively with using only the highest quality dental material for exceptional strength, excellent aesthetics, and an exceptional fit. Your new dentures will give you back your smile, allow you eat as normal, and be comfortable for all-day wear.

- Do I need complete or partial dentures?

Complete dentures are required when all of the teeth in one arch are missing or need to be removed.

This could be a complete upper denture for the top arch, a complete lower denture for the bottom arch, or both if all teeth require replacement. 

A partial denture is an option if just one or a few teeth are missing. 

At Parkview, we are pleased to offer both complete and partial dentures, depending on your unique needs. Your dentist will fully explain your treatment options during your initial consultation.

- Your denture journey explained

During your initial consultation, your dentist will have a look at your teeth and mouth and ask you questions about your dental needs and requirements.

They will explain the different type of dentures available to help you make the right decision for your own treatment. 

If you decide to go ahead with denture treatment, your dentist will then carry out a full clinical evaluation. This will include taking your dental and medical history, dental X-rays and photographic images of your mouth, and impressions of your teeth and gums. 

Your exact treatment plan will vary slightly depending on whether you are having full or partial dentures. Some patients will require loose or damaged teeth to be removed prior to denture fitting, so your dentist will explain the steps required for your specific treatment plan. 

Your denture will be crafted in our dental laboratory by highly skilled clinical dental technicians. When it arrives at our dental practice we will carry out a denture fitting appointment with you to ensure the fit is secure and comfortable and that you are happy with the overall look of your new smile.

- Frequently asked questions

  • How often should I see a dentist?

    At the minimum, you should see a dentist for a check-up and dental clean twice per year. You may need to have more frequent visits if you are struggling with a dental health problem like gum disease or heavy tartar build-up.

  • Do I need dental X-rays?

    X-rays are very important to diagnosing your dental problems and planning safe treatment. This kind of imaging is the only way a dentist can see into your tooth without cutting it open. When you have a dental checkup, your dentist will let you know if you are due for a new set of X-rays.

  • What are the signs that I need a dental filling?

    Advanced tooth decay can make your teeth sensitive to temperature and sweets and may present as brown, grey, or yellow stains on your teeth. A throbbing toothache is also a sure sign that your tooth may need repair. But early tooth decay does not cause such noticeable symptoms. In most cases, you will not know that you need a filling unless the dentist notices one on a dental X-ray.

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