Price List


Private Fee

Denplan Care

Denplan Essentials

From £14.58 per month

From £13.57 per month

New patient consultation N/A £100 £100 £100
Recall consultation £22.70 £44 Included Included
Hygienist treatment (scaling) per visit N/A From £44 Included Included
Single-surface filling £62.10 From £62.50 Included 15% discount
Intra-oral (small)
Included £10.00 each Included Included
Extraction £62.10 From £84 Included 15% discount
Crowns, Bridges, etc £269.30 From £500 Laboratory charges only 15% discount
Dentures £269.30 From £325 Laboratory charges only 15% discount
Tooth Whitening N/A £395 15% discount 15% discount

Prices effective from 01/04/2019

This price list provides an indication of treatment costs at this practice. Following a consultation, where appropriate, patients will be provided with a personalised treatment plan and cost estimate. For further information please telephone or email the practice.