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General dentistry at Parkview Dental Centre

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- General dentistry: The facts

Dental check-ups

For excellent oral health - We will closely monitor your dental health to keep you smiling

Extraordinary care

A joined-up approach - Our team works together, combining skills to provide exceptional dental care

Relax with us

Your comfort is our priority - Our friendly team will make you feel safe and comfortable from the moment you arrive

Mouth cancer screening

Early detection is vital - All dental check-ups at Parkview include a mouth cancer screening as standard

“Cannot fault the occasion of my visit to Parkview Dental Centre. It was very efficient, friendly and safe as usual. Just a check up this time but carried out in a professional manner.”

Philip Alexander

“I have recently had a regular six monthly check up.  The booking was easily made previously, and I was attended to at the proper time.  A further booking was made, and I was courteously and efficiently attended to.  There are no outstanding issues, and all was done as it should be.”

Keith Jones

- The cost of general dentistry at Parkview Dental Centre

- What’s included in your treatment cost?

- Dental check-ups

Dental check-ups are your first port of call for achieving excellent oral health.

We use these to monitor the health of your teeth, gums and soft tissues in the mouth to give us a good understanding of your dental health. From here, we can advise if any further treatment is required. 

We always recommend attending your dental check-ups regularly – every six months is usually enough for most patients – as this enables us to monitor your dental health and treat problems early on. In doing so we can spot and treat any problems before they become serious or costly. 

We have a cohesive approach for all services at Parkview, including dental check-ups. We have a wide skill mix within our team, which allows colleagues to work collaboratively or offer up second opinions. This ensures you are always receiving the very best dental care.

- Oral cancer screening

During every dental check-up at Parkview Dental Centre, we will carry out oral cancer screening as standard.

This involves visually checking for swellings, bumps, red or white patches, and ulcerations on all the soft tissues within the mouth. Your dentist will also touch areas on your face, mouth and neck to feel for any unusual bumps. 

We will explain everything to you to ensure you are comfortable throughout. As with any form of cancer, early detection is vital for oral cancer, which is why routine screening is an important part of your dental check-up.

- Dental fillings and restorations

Sometimes during a dental check-up we may notice decay or a cavity that requires treatment.

In many cases, we can treat this with a regular dental filling to repair the damage. Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments – even your dentist probably has one! The procedure is pain free, and we will always use local anaesthetic to numb the area and ensure your comfort. 

If the cavity is more extensive, you may require an inlay or onlay rather than a dental filling. An inlay is used when a repair is required in the centre of the tooth, an onlay is used when the damage also affects the raised parts of the tooth. Alternatively, you may need further work such as dental crowns or bridges. Your dentist will explain what’s happening, why a treatment is recommended, and what your options are.

- Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is carried out when the root of a tooth becomes infected.

Patients who experience pain or toothache often require root canal treatment – the great news is the procedure is pain free and provides complete relief.

Root canal treatment at Parkview is carried out by one of our highly skilled dentists. First, a hole will be carefully drilled to allow access to the infected root. Your dentist will be able to precisely plan this using dental imaging technology. Once the infection has been reached, the area will be thoroughly cleaned using special tools and instruments. The root is then filled and sealed, and a new crown will be placed to replace the broken tooth. 

Root canal therapy is a very comfortable procedure, we will always use local anaesthetic to ensure you don’t feel a thing.

- Tooth extraction

Sometimes tooth extraction is required if a severely decayed or damaged tooth cannot be restored, or if wisdom teeth are causing pain or problems.

If tooth extraction or wisdom tooth extraction is required, you can rest assured that you will receive the best dental care possible. The entire process will be fully explained to you to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. 

The treatment will be carried out one of our highly skilled and experienced dentists. Local anaesthetic is always used for dental extractions to ensure that you do not feel a thing, and we are pleased to offer dental sedation, which is especially helpful for nervous patients.

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