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Tooth extractions at Parkview Dental Centre

If you require tooth removal, our dedicated oral surgery team will provide comfortable and gentle treatment

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- Tooth extraction: The facts

Familiar surroundings

All under one roof - Your treatment will be carried out right here in your own dental practice

Highly skilled

In the best hands - Our oral surgery team have a wealth of experience in simple and complex tooth extractions

Pain free

You won’t feel a thing - We use local anaesthetic for all tooth extractions and IV sedation is also available

“I’m really happy i found this dental surgery - they are great and very professional!”

Lilly Huggins

“All staff are always really friendly and the dentists and hygienists are kind, gentle and caring. They always explain the options and never push you to one treatment over another. During covid they have done everything possible to keep supporting us. Highly recommended!”

Ian Lipman

- The cost of tooth extractions at Parkview Dental Centre

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- Pain-free tooth extractions

We believe that every treatment carried out at Parkview Dental Centre should be gentle, relaxing, comfortable and completely pain free.

All tooth extractions will be carried out using local anaesthetic to ensure that you do not feel a thing. 

Our team will ensure that you are relaxed before we begin treatment, and you will be able to stop us at any point by simply raising your hand. Your comfort is our priority. 

We understand that undergoing tooth extraction treatment may cause anxiety and we are pleased to offer IV sedation to help ease those fears. Many of our nervous patients have been able to undergo the dental treatment they really need using sedation. Our dental team will be able to explain how it works and whether it will be suitable for you. 

- In safe hands

The removal of a tooth requires expert care. Some teeth are easily extracted but most cases are not quite so straightforward.

Sometimes teeth are decayed or damaged and there is not enough tooth structure left to enable simple pulling. In other cases, a tooth may have multiple roots that require separate removal to the rest of the tooth. 

Every tooth extraction, however simple it may appear, has the potential to be a complex case, and this is the approach we take at Parkview because it ensures we are always prepared. Our oral surgery team are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience to ensure that they can carry out your tooth extraction with ease, however complex it may be.

Our dentist with a special interest in Oral Surgery, Clare Tyers is able to perform a wide array of procedures thanks to her enhanced expertise. We are pleased to offer surgery for apicectomies to remove the root of an infected tooth, frenectomies (or tongue tie), exposing impacted teeth prior to orthodontic treatment, and bone remodelling where required prior to other treatments.

- Tooth extraction in Ipswich

At Parkview Dental Centre we will always do everything we can to save a healthy tooth but in some cases the only option is a tooth extraction.

Your dentist will explain why this is the healthiest option for you to ensure you are completely happy with your decision to go ahead and remove the offending tooth. 

We know that attending the dentist causes anxiety or fear for many patients, and one of the things we can do to help is to offer as any treatments as possible under one roof. This means that you don’t have to attend an unfamiliar place for the treatments you need. We are pleased to be able to provide tooth extractions by highly skilled dentists right here at Parkview.

- Frequently asked questions

  • How often should I see a dentist?

    At the minimum, you should see a dentist for a check-up and dental clean twice per year. You may need to have more frequent visits if you are struggling with a dental health problem like gum disease or heavy tartar build-up.

  • Do I need dental X-rays?

    X-rays are very important to diagnosing your dental problems and planning safe treatment. This kind of imaging is the only way a dentist can see into your tooth without cutting it open. When you have a dental checkup, your dentist will let you know if you are due for a new set of X-rays.

  • What are the signs that I need a dental filling?

    Advanced tooth decay can make your teeth sensitive to temperature and sweets and may present as brown, grey, or yellow stains on your teeth. A throbbing toothache is also a sure sign that your tooth may need repair. But early tooth decay does not cause such noticeable symptoms. In most cases, you will not know that you need a filling unless the dentist notices one on a dental X-ray.

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