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Fixed braces – traditional and contemporary

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- Fixed braces: The facts

Traditional techniques

Tried and trusted - Fixed braces allow patients to benefit from smile straightening techniques that work

Modern systems

We only use the best - We use the latest and best fixed orthodontic systems to provide options that are effective and discreet

Excellent care

Here for you at every stage - The Parkview team will provide you with the very best care at every stage of your treatment

Solutions for you

Achieve your smile goals - Whatever your unique needs, we have a range of treatment options for you

“They have guided my daughter through the process of getting braces on and off, and given us the best advice regarding keeping our mouths healthy. It is a modern & clean practice with friendly and efficient receptionists. I highly recommend this practice.”

Caroline Charles

“Lovely staff, lovely dentists, put me and my 2 children at ease every time we go.  Would highly recommend this dental practice.”

Donna Clack

- Cost of fixed braces at Parkview Dental Centre

- What’s included in your treatment cost?

- Ceramic braces

Fixed ceramic braces are a popular treatment option at Parkview Dental Centre because they are very discreet.

Although the orthodontic system works by using brackets and wires that are fixed to the front of the teeth, these are clear or tooth-coloured, making them difficult to detect. 

With ceramic braces, small brackets will be fixed on to the front of the teeth and thin wires will be used to move the teeth. This treatment is popular with adult patients because the brackets and wires are tooth-coloured, or clear, making them a discreet option. 

With ceramic braces, traditional methods of orthodontics are used to gently move the teeth into the desired position. The tooth-coloured wires and brackets are very effective at straightening teeth and often results can be achieved faster than you may imagine.

- Metal braces

The most traditional type of orthodontics is metal braces, a system that we still use very often here at Parkview.

They consist of silver metal brackets fitted to the front of the teeth, with a silver wire connecting them. 

Braces carry far less stigma now than they used to, meaning that metal braces are becoming a more popular option for all patients at Parkview. These traditional braces are especially effective for more complex cases, and they can also be used in conjunction with ceramic braces. 

- Lingual (Incognito) braces

At Parkview Dental Centre, we also provide lingual braces, or Incognito, which are fitted on the back of the teeth.

As the braces are behind the teeth, they are completely indetectable and no one will know that you are having teeth straightening treatment. 

In the same way as fixed braces, lingual braces work using a a series of brackets and wires that gently apply force to move the teeth into the desired position. The difference is that this all happens on the back of the teeth.

- Fixed braces: Frequently asked questions

  • How much does fixed braces treatment cost?

    Fixed braces treatment costs from £2800. The price will depend on your exact treatment needs and we will be able to give you a clear indication of the price during your initial consultation.

  • Are fixed braces for me?

    Your orthodontist will be able to tell you if fixed braces are suitable for your unique needs. We have a wide range of treatments available, which means we are usually able to find a solution to suit your needs and achieve the smile of your dreams.

  • How do I clean my teeth with fixed braces?

    It is quite easy to clean the teeth as normal, for two minutes twice a day. We also recommend keeping a toothbrush with you during the day so that you can brush after mealtimes to avoid food becoming trapped in your fixed braces. Special brushes are available to make it easier to clean around your braces and between the teeth, as it will not be possible to use regular dental floss.

  • Do fixed braces hurt?

    Fixed braces can cause an aching sensation when they are first fitted or the wires are adjusted. This doesn’t last long, and is easily managed with painkillers, such as paracetamol. Sometimes fixed braces can rub on the inside of the cheeks, we will provide special wax to help prevent this.

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